May 24, 2008 § Leave a comment

So I’ve just come across this novelization of a little game called Metal Gear Solid. Just thought it was worth sharing seeing as how I personally at least have heard next to nothing about this interesting development.

It’s written by Raymond Benson who’s written a couple of Bond books as well as novelizations for a couple of the Splinter Cell games. I don’t know anyone who’s read any of his books, but in all honesty I can’t see this book being very good for the simple reason that even though the game’s very heavy on narrative in the context of a game, for a book it may be somewhat….lacking. I was going to try and write a made up extract from the book to try and make your sides split with laughter as you realize how ill suited games are for novelizations but….I can’t really be bothered…and I’m also not terribly funny. Oh well.

I’ll probably buy this book, simply because I can’t resist anything with the Metal Gear label on it (Metal Gear Ac!d anyone?) but for the rest of you suckers out there I highly recommend you buy the Ashley Wood comics either as a physical anthology or the Digital Graphic Novel on the PSP (I chose the latter). Not only do the comics manage to add little flourishes to the original story whilst staying very true to the overall feel, but Wood’s drawing style is also very much in keeping with the dark look of the game.

At any rate it seems to me that the story of Metal Gear Solid 1 has been rehashed enough already. What I really want to see is something based on the MSX originals, either a completely new game after Hideo jumps ship, or a book, series of comics, whatever. I have a copy of Subsistance on order so I can play through them myself, but this period of the MG back story has been seldom explored past their original releases.

Someone needs to remind me to buy this book when it comes out but until then, peace out!


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