How to Cope with the Increasing Cost of Gaming: A Shameless Promotion

August 30, 2008 § Leave a comment

Gaming is an expensive hobby. There, I said it, you can come out from wherever you’ve been hiding now. It seems with each generation that goes buy us honest gamers (and by honest I mean those of us who don’t pirate games) suffer with higher and higher costs of games. It gets hard to justify spending £50 on each new game you buy. This is especially true if it’s a risky purchase, one recommended by a critic, but something a bit off the beaten track as far as your tastes are concerned.

You may have heard of a service called LoveFilm, where you pay a subscription fee and in return you can rent as many films as you want for one month. SwapGame is the gaming equivalent. You pay £10 a month, and in return you have unlimited rentals, albeit only one at a time. (Though you can pay more to receive two games at a time etc.) You set up a list of games you want to play, and they’ll send you a game from the top of the list, which you then send back in a provided envelope when you want another. On receiving their game back they’ll then send you the next game on the list.

When you’re someone who’s constantly playing through games this service is a miracle, but it’s not for the casual gamer. If you’re someone who’ll only pick up a game once in a while you’re probably better off just buying it as the £10 fee forces you to be constantly playing through something if you want to make the most of your money. There’s also about a three day wait from when you send back a game to allow for postage, but if you pay to rent two games at a time this ceases to be an issue. Additionally you’ll need to obtain a (free) proof of postage every time you return a game in the unlikely event the disk gets lost in transit.

I’m not affiliated in any way with SwapGame, I’m simply a happy customer who would recommend them to others. So if you find yourself with far too many games that you never touch on your shelf you might want to have a look. It certainly allows you to try out some more obscure games without risk.

Sorry for the shameless advertising,

Peace out


(Note: As far as I’m aware SwapGame is only available in the UK, if you live in the USA then you might want to try GameFly)


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