My Console Cures Cancer! The Last Thoughts of A Dying Fanboy?

September 2, 2008 § Leave a comment

As a Playstation owner and having been gaming most of my life, I only found this current fanboy generation and extremity of it developing heavier in this 7th generation of gaming. I thought to myself, that’s a shame to be honest because siding mindlessly with a corporation over another seems like sitting down on a broken treadmill, there is actually no point. Let me take you back a few years. When the Playstation 2, Xbox and Gamecube came out in the previous generation, the feeling amongst my friends and I wasn’t “oh oh which one should we side with?” It was more an unfortunate groan of “We’re little kids and we have no money to buy all 3 consoles.” That was fun for everyone. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo generated healthy competition amongst themselves and everyone loved the variety that was given to them. I enjoyed the Miami sandbox of Vice City and at the same time I loved the injection of smart shooting of Halo. I even played Wind Waker and wonder now why there aren’t better platformers now for the Wii. Okay this was a few years back. Fast forward to our generation of high-definition graphics and wireless motion sensors connected to gaming.

Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 are around level when it comes to popularity and sales with the Xbox perhaps just edging ahead because of Xbox Live. The competitiveness between the two is extremely healthy and great for the industry, however Nintendo seem to have gone off on a tangent to their target audience, aimed directly at family fun and casual gamers. At the same time, they’ve taken with them all their exclusives and decided to put some extra “oomph” as it may, back into them. So by moving so far away from the hardcore gamer audience, so have the fanboys. They now seem to want to justify everything their publisher does, from naming a console after a bodily fluid to how much better the sales are for Nintendo and how well “their” gaming corporation are doing. If every single Nintendo fanboy was connected financially to Nintendo then fair enough, they’re making money off of their console. However arguing how much better sales are is pointless to me, because it’s true, sales can get to a point where it might force other corporations out of making games but is that what fanboys want? Nintendo aside, the fanboy problem is still existent. The petty arguing and bitterness over exclusives isn’t that much of a problem, more of a nuisance. We will get to a stage where 3rd party exclusive titles will become non existent and we will get to a stage where fanboys bicker over the stupidest things to prove that they have better value for money in their console.

Going back to exclusive titles, I feel personally I have suffered as a gamer. It does actually sadden me that when Rock Band 2 comes out in America for Xbox, I’m only able to buy Rock Band 1 for my Playstation in Europe. Take away the evil corporations trying to take my money aside or making 400% profits on whatever they sell. I’m willing to pay what I know is too much for something but I physically can’t. The first time I saw Gears of War, any feelings of distaste to Xbox 360 instantly vanished. The game is beautiful. The action and shooting is sharp and the story is.. shit. I love it! The outrageousness of Dead Rising, the complexity in conversations of Mass Effect. All exclusive 360 titles as a playstation owner we can’t play. At the same time the release of Metal Gear Solid 4, and the to be released title, LittleBigPlanet on Playstation. The gaming community should be advancing on all fronts to benefit all.

And so this leads me onto my final point. Where does this actually leave Nintendo? As a company and from a purely business and marketing perspective they have done wonders. They took a risk in their target audience, going more public and it has paid off for them. The fanboys will continually fight the wars on internet forums defending Nintendo and I’m unsure as to what they want. Do they want the Wii to be the only available console? For Sony and Microsoft to completely drop out and admit defeat because of sales? The idea behind such gamers is moronic and has similar ideology to Nazism. The truth is with Nintendo now latching onto the general public in selling games, they will continually do better than Xbox and Playstation. The idea that the general public are now more open in playing games is a good thing and might even lead onto maybe getting into more hardcore games. Let’s face it, everyones rich and if you want to fight for something on the internet then fight against racism or slavery or even try and Free Tibet by starting a gigantic internet petition.

Frankly I wanted to write this with venom. Only when you personally suffer from corporate greed do you realise how fighting with them against more corporate greed is the stupidest and most pointless thing in the world. For gaming, I hope this dies out because 20 years ago, whilst this beautifully unique hobby was evolving along with technology, we shared with each other the platforming genius of Mario and the unique stealth combat of Metal Gear.

Make me shut up and someone from America bring me a Playstation 3 version of Rock Band 2 within the next two weeks.


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