Rock Band – Trolleydude and the Guitar

September 25, 2008 § Leave a comment

Bleat your misguided opinions at me if you will, but a band is nothing without its guitarists. Take away the bassist, drummer and vocalist and it can still qualify as awesome if the guitarist is good enough; but no amount of drum and bass can compensate for a lack of DANANANANANANA NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA solos.

This is why I was drawn to the Rock Band guitar when we set up shop in Sparky’s living room. I observed my companions out of the corner of my eye as they grew more and more uncomfortable watching my frenetic rock-seizure that is usually only seen by my cat and the postman when Dragonforce come on the radio, triggering my recessive air-guitar gene and the accompanying spasms of MEGA ROCK.

Having already known the joys of Guitar Hero and willingly embarassing yourself in front of friends, it took me no time at all to get into the swing of things with the smoother display and superior controls of Rock Band, and proceed to freak the fuck out when I discovered how awesome it feels to rescue your inept drummer from failure by swinging your (toy) guitar over your head and shredding (imaginary) licks to the tune of your favourite hard tasty rock.
Gameplay-wise, Rock Band just seems like the next logical step up from Guitar Hero, and so I now see no reason for people to choose the latter over the former except for lack of monies. I understand there is even a single-player option for the lonely youtube “guitar heroes” out there, so even they shouldn’t miss out on the brilliant fun of making their own, talent-free band.
Maybe I’ll even let you have a go on the guitar.
After one more song.

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