Rock Band – Ouch, my dignity, ah well…

October 2, 2008 § Leave a comment

Deeply sorry once again that I haven’t found the time to make regular posts but I promised Jon I would write a follow up to the greatness by Harmonix that is, Rock Band.

First of all, to not go off on a huge tangent, I never wanted Rock Band. I wanted Rock Band 2. Money was not important to me, I was willing to bend down and be taken by the overpriced mark up that they decided to slap onto Rock Band 2 on release however I am unable to get it because I’m a playstation user and secondly because it seems European gamers enjoy the 6 month wait after release. With a grudge, I went into Rock Band hoping to hate it for not being it’s shiny new and polished brother but in the end, you discover the same beauty of being a complete and total ass in front of your friends. Reality escaped, social and girl problems put on hold? Enter Rock Band.

As the host of the whole evening I decided to go on singing as trolleydude insisted on playing guitar and Jon on drums. With Harmonix refusing to provide me with a bass, singing seemed to be the only option left. I don’t quite know how to comment on singing with my companions doing full posts on guitar and drums so I’ll say this. It’s Singstar, but with good music. If you haven’t played Singstar, then imagine a karaoke style display with lines broken up to represent pitch, i.e. higher the line, higher the note. What did impress me was the percussive sound you use with your microphone to adapt to some songs, i.e. Jet’s, Are You Gonna Be My Girl. The singing is consistent and is fun if you know the song, if you don’t then it’s better to learn it because cheating is rather easy and defeats the purpose of Rock Band. Basically just hum now and again and you can finish singing fine on normal. It’s like using your Dual Shock to play guitar, it’s pointless.

Why is Rock Band great then? Many many reasons. There is an extremely good variety of music with the perfect balance between mainstream, generic pop rock songs to those songs our dad listens to while he moans about the music of today. The downloadable track packs are good and customization of your player and instruments went much further than I expected.

Next, look at yourselves before you play Rock Band. Novelty sized plastic instruments, barre the exception of the USB microphone, will make you question your age before you get started. As soon as you do however it seems you don’t want to stop and you can be embarassing and as cheesy as possible, rocking out to the greatest songs ever made. This is a multiplayer game. The hint is quite clearly in the name, Rock “Band.” It brings people together and at the same time pushes you further apart as you fail and laugh at each other for sucking. As soon as I manage to get some free time, I’ll even invite a couple of girls over to get the female verdict, not that it matters to me anyways. Rock Band is awesome and I applaud Harmonix for this innovation and introduction for people into casual gaming.

With the age of the 7th Generation of gaming finally peaking a bit, hope to expect more of this. My money’s on Mirror’s Edge and LittleBigPlanet to bring up Playstation a bit perhaps although I’m quite open minded as to what could be great. Give me a new Ratchet and Clank too..

Closing words? Rock Band is like your first kiss with your first crush. It’s something new, exciting, you want to sing along to the awesome music in your head and the stiffy you get in your pants cannot be avoided.

Still unhappy about school and still frustrated. Still managed to post, James out.


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