Oh the Internet, You Will Never Cease to Entertain Me…

February 24, 2009 § Leave a comment

If the Metacritic score for Killzone 2 is anything to go by then it’s actually a pretty good game. Most publications out there have awarded it with a score close to full and certainly higher than ninety. I hear its graphics are pretty good. I also hear that its production values are incredibly sound. According to Metacritic it has garnered “Universal Acclaim.

Oh wait no I’m sorry, I’ve just been informed that there are in fact people out there who Killzone 2 doesn’t sit so well with. A 7 from Edge isn’t actually that low a score, especially when you consider that, you know, it’s a ten point scoring system, meaning that bad games do in fact deserve a score of less than 5 rather than a 7 (an above average score according to the system). Other sites meanwhile seem to run with a 5 – 10 system, where any game scoring less than a 7 is deemed to be unplayable and nothing apart from the direst budget games imaginable will ever get less than a 5.

It’s this assumption that because the numbers are the same, the scoring system must be, that PSX Extreme seems to be getting their knickers in a twist over. In their eyes a score of a 7 means that Edge must hate the game instead of maybe thinking that it wasn’t the Citizen Kane of gaming. In this respect perhaps PSXE aren’t maybe entirely to blame. After all, Metacritic, -a site which aggregates review scores from dozens of different publications – deems all review scales to be equal, and thus so do many journalists themselves, despite the opposite being true.

What can only be seen as gross ineptness on the part of PSXE is the assertion that “We all know that Guerilla’s title is one of the best FPSs ever made;” when in fact this is clearly not the case, as demonstrated perfectly by that Edge review. What they’re trying to say in essence is that because the majority of publications believe one thing, it must therefore be true, which comes completely cold when you bring the whole opinion thing out as to whether a game is actually ‘good’ or not. Edge have proved themselves first and foremost to believe that a good game will innovate above everything else. The rest of the internet may believe a good game to posses other qualities, but that’s ok, because that’s their opinion.

Any enthusiastic video game fan out there cannot rely on one gaming publication for all of their information about which new releases are worth buying. You need a multitude of different views to find out which stuff applies to you, and thus which games are worth your attention. If you are one of these people that only reads one publication (and I can only assume this is the people Edge has deemed to show “a disservice”) then it’s probably likely that you’re going to be in tune with just what this publication looks for in a game, and if it’s the only place you turn to then it’s likely that these opinions are going to be close to your own. Let’s make something clear:

No one who will enjoy Killzone 2 is going to be put off it by one review which doesn’t praise it as the second coming of Jesus.

With that in mind do you really think Edge has done its customers a disservice. Really?

You people need to grow the fuck up and not treat game critics as carriers of the sole truths in the universe.

Idle Thumbs currently have the best commentary going on this issue.


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