A Little Post About Music/Games

May 31, 2009 § Leave a comment

Music has/Games have been around for many centuries/decades now. In its early days the audience for it was relatively small, consisting mainly of the super rich/nerdy, but in recent years/the last century its popularity has exploded with decreased barriers to entry allowing everyone to enjoy it. Some people believe that the music/games produced today are nothing compared to classical music/retro games, but most are content with modern music/games.

Back in the day, to listen to a piece of music/play a game people would have to go to a concert hall/arcade, but since the invention of the record player/home console people have been able to listen/game in the comfort of their own home. Some modern music/games are still performed live/released in arcades as well as having album/retail releases, and many old pieces/arcade games have been re-recorded/remade over time to allow them to run on the latest hardware and usually in doing so their sound/graphical quality is improved to take advantage of this.

There is a large community surrounding music/games containing many who enjoy a large number of different genres. Some music/game types however, enjoy a much more passionate fanbase such as metal/fighting games or jazz/point and click adventure games, two genres which have in the past been far more popular than they are today.

Whilst much music/many games have huge mainstream appeal such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers/Grand Theft Auto and Green Day/Call of Duty, a large majority of music/games are only appreciated by a small enthusiast audience. Major labels/Publishers have started to target more mainstream audiences in recent years, efforts which tend to be looked down upon by music/game connoisseurs, as being shallow and of little worth such as Hannah Montana/Wii Play. Due to this shift in audiences many music listeners/gamers have turned to the independent scene where much more original music/games can be found, usually having been produced with a much smaller budget.

Most high brow art critics would not deem modern music/games to be art, but there are individuals who produce work many listeners/players would deem to be artistic. As the audience for these pieces is very small, music/games tend to be generalised by the wider population as having no artistic worth. This will probably never change as there is little financial incentive for music/game executives to find artistic titles/acts, and so most people will be unaware that this art form exists, regardless of its quality.

Music/Games have also been threatened in recent years by digital piracy which has lead to a radical shift in the industry. Much music/Many games can now be downloaded legally from places such as itunes/steam and some music is/games are completely free to play in a browser, their revenue coming instead from advertising. Some people hove claimed downloads are killing the industry, others say that it has merely caused it to evolve.

Despite what many people say the music/game scene is greater today than it has ever been. with something to suite everyone’s tastes being produced somewhere.


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