The Times They Are a-Changin’

July 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

If you’re subscribed to this blog in any way shape or form then you’ve probably noticed a significant drop in the amount of posts of late. I should apologise for this, though my excuses are numerous. I could go on and on about the lack of time I’ve had to get down to some serious writing, or perhaps even the changes going on at Bitmob, but the reality is far more banal. Simply put, I have played very few games during the last year, and I have read even fewer pieces of games writing in that time.

Make no mistake, I still keep up with gaming news in general, but I’ve lost that desire to plunge down a rabbit-hole of increasingly obscure gaming blogs. As much as any writer would love to believe the ideas behind their writing are entirely my own, it’s obvious that they’re nothing if not a reflection of, or a discussion with, the writing of others.

I still love games. I still spend hours each week exploring the intricate worlds laid out before me, looking for discoveries that other mediums simply can’t provide, but I’m also less likely to finish the games I start nowadays. Whether it’s the fact that my tolerance for bad games has fallen, or just that recent releases haven’t engaged me isn’t really important. Both are probably true to an extent, but the fact remains that I spend less time playing games than I used to, and that’s had a direct impact on my writing.

I’ve sat and thought long and hard about what I want to do with the Clockwork Manual. What’s already been posted will remain on the internet for as long as I can afford domain hosting, that much is a given, but for a long time I was unsure of its future direction.

This morning I finally made up my mind.

For starters the blog itself is currently being imported into WordPress. Hopefully this entry will end up being the first to be posted on the ‘new’ blog. Keeping the domain is more complicated, since this was purchased through Blogger, and I’ve not yet established if this links it permanently (or else until the domain registration expires).

(Ed: it doesn’t)

Beyond those little bits of admin I’ll probably “redesign” the site at some point now that I’ll have access to all the pretty WordPress themes.

The biggest change for the future will come in the form of the content posted. Up until now I’ve always treated the Clockwork Manual as a ‘serious’ video game blog, and shied away from first person as much as possible to lead to a more professional feel. This will cease to be the case in future writing. Instead, posts are likely to get more conversational and be written on a much wider variety of topics. No longer will the Clockwork Manual discuss games exclusively, and you should see a far greater quantity of posts as a result.

All the dicussion of both video games and the industry at large will remain make no mistake, but it’ll be joined by political analysis, movie discussion, and generally anything else that’s been on my mind. The Clockwork Manual has for many years been a vessil of my interests, and these changes are a continuation of that.

The only question left up in the air is what role Niall will play in this ‘new’ Clockwork Manual. He’s been here almost since the very beginning, and though his posts have been few and far between, each of them have been of a far greater quality than the vast majority of my own pieces. I hope he’ll continue to post his writing here, and I’ll get him set up as a contributer as soon as I know how, and here’s to hoping he’ll utilise this new direction as much as I’m planning to.

I’ve got a couple of article ideas sitting on my desk as we speak, and I’m anxious to get writing them just as soon as WordPress has escaped this Blogger-import limbo. Thank you to anyone that has stayed with us throughout this period of inactivity, and I sincerely hope you remain a reader long into the future.

Until next time,

Jon X. Porter


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